20 September 2012

Favorite Beauty Product Under 5 Dollars

I am back with a new post :)
I decided to write a few words about one of my favorite beauty product under 5$ -that is The Golden Rose Eyeliner.

Golden Rose : Our Golden Rose eyeliner completes your eye makeup. Easily applicable with it very thin, super quality brush. It dries very quickly. Available in different shades.


Price :

My thoughts :
This is the first eyeliner i ever bought and it became also one of my favs! You can apply it very easy on your eyelids ''drawing'' a thin/thick line depending on the desired look . The best thing about this eyeliner is that it doesn't get smudged :)

I wish it was available in more colors , i can find it only in blue and black.

Why i like it :
~Pigmented color
~Doesn't get smudged
~Lasts all day long
~ Easy to apply
~ Cheap
~Quick drying


Pooja_G said...

Wow...it is such a vibrant blue!

Niesha said...

nice post. lovely shade !!!
bright blue.

Maria J. Chang said...

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