06 September 2012

Guest Blogger Dulce : Aveeno Lotion

Post by Dulce Ramirez

Aveeno lotion , can be purchased at just about any drugstore . It's somewhat cheap and somewhat expensive . Aveeno has great products for skin care, for instance if you have dry scaly skin , you could use the Aveeno lotion, it works so great ! I used to have dry skin but after using the product for years my skin is now very healthy , its smooth and has a very healthy glow . Also unlike other lotions Aveeno is non-greasy , and has no fragrance . It's oatmeal formula locks in moisture to help prevent and protect dry skin, leaving your skin soft smooth and naturally healthy looking .
What I really like about this product is , its actually works ! The product doesn't lie and satisfies , it leaves my skin very smooth and glowing healthy making it look natural ! It also last a LONG time , I don't run out of the lotion for MONTHS !

I don't dislike anything about it! Only when I run out is what I dislike !
This lotion is incredible ! I'd rate it from 1-5 a 5 ! You should really try it ! I guarantee it'll satisfy you very much!

Pros of Aveeno Lotion:

~Great moisturizer

Cons of Aveeno Lotion:




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