12 September 2012

Avon Supershock Vivid Liquid Eye Shadow

Today's review will be about one more Avon Supershock product !
It's Avon Supershock Vivid Liquid eyeshadow !
I bought it along with Avon Supershock Mascara & Gel Eyeliner :)

What Avon has to say about it : A new eyeshadow experience in colour and shine! Brilliant pearlised liquid eyeshadow infused with moisturising vitamin E – just shake the bottle to mix the ultra fine pigment and moisturisers.


between 3$-5$

My thoughts on Avon Supershock Vivid Liquid Eye Shadow:
When i went through Avon's catalogue my eyes fell on the color of this eyeshadow!
 I really liked the silver/metallic color, it was something i was looking for !And i loved the package (i compare it to a lip gloss) , i had to give it a try !

When i got my eyeshadow, i noticed that it was divided in 2 layers: a heavy pigmented silver color and a watery one , so i had to shake it up before using :)

I find the application easy thanks to the sponge applicator !

When applied on the eyelids, its cold,watery and wet! So i keep my eyes shut for a  minute until it dries.
If you are into metallic colors,sponge applicators and using just one eyeshadow color than i think you'll love this product :)!


What i like about it :
*Lovely package
*Easy to apply
*Contains Vitamin E
*Love metallic colors
*Doesn't get smudged
*Lasts all day long

Why i don't like About it:
*I need to keep my eyes closed until it dries



Sunshine said...

Nice review...love the shade....


Unknown said...

well written dear ! following you now !

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