09 September 2012

DIY project 1 : Hand Cream/lotion

This is my first DIY post :)
If you enjoy experimenting and using oils in your beauty regime , than i think this post is for you !!

Today i will share how i make my own hand cream :

All you need:
2 tsp Shea oil/butter
1 tsp Vaseline
tsp Jojoba oil
1tsp Almond oil
3-4 drops Lemon oil
and if you wish you can add few drops of your favorite perfume!

Making this hand cream wont take more than 15 minutes ,
all you have to do, is melt the Shea oil/butter with the Vaseline (on low temperature), than last but not least add the Almond,Jojoba and Lemon oil ! 
I didn't use any perfume because the lemon oil itself gives the hand cream a fragrance :)

Note: You have to melt and mix the oils using the water-bath method!
I did that in the hand cream's jar itself .



Niesha said...

Nice post Aliya.. Following you :)

Aliya said...

thank you dear :) i am happy that you like the post !!!


luvly post my dear....i am now following you...i alwys luv DIY's...follow my blog too


Gayathri Balaji said...

Nice post!
Where did you get shea butter from?

Aliya said...

Hi Renji, i just checked out your blog :) i really enjoyed your lipstick review !

Aliya said...

Hi Gayathri :) thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment :) , i got my shea butter from a pharmacy !btw do you have a blog? i would love to check it out :) !

dr_rashmi said...

hey aliya nice DIY... very helpful :)


Aprilia said...

Hi Aliya, Where did you get Sheabutter from?
Following you :)
Check my blog too :)

Sang Raja said...

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