01 August 2012

Nivea Radiance Boosting Eye Cream

Hello girls :)

Almost every girl knows how important it is to use and eye cream for a healthier look :) Today's review will be about Nivea’s Visage Natural Beauty radiance boosting eye cream !
This is what Nivea has to say about it on it's website :):

o    This beautifying moisturiser, enriched with Mango Milk, hydrates your skin throughout the day whilst visibly refining complexion.

o    The light-reflecting formula, with Cashmere Proteins, immediately gives the skin a natural and even radiance.

o    The special NIVEA VISAGE UVA/UVB filter system helps protect
your skin from sunlight induced premature ageing.

Age recommendation: 20-40

My take on this product :
It has a hygienic packaging ,it comes in a pink tube instead of a jar like Nivea's anti-shadow eye cream ! The color of the cream is light peachy and has glitters !

You dont need to use a big amount of it , so this cream can last for 2-3 months !
When Applied on the eye area it gets absorbed well , but what I dislike is the shimmering effect !It  makes it look like as if you are heading to a party !So I don’t like to use it everyday ! But combined with an eye make up ,it looks really nice :) 
Unlike Eucerin Aquaporin eye cream i dont recommend you to use this eye cream as a night cream too.

Pros :
~ For all skin types
~A  good moisturizer
~ Has UVA/UVB Protection :)
~It brightness the eye area
~Hygienic packaging
~Fragrance free
~Suitable for wearers of contact lenses
Cons :
It doesn't have any cons unless you dont like all that glitter/shimmering look !
Effect : 3.5/5

Has any of you used this eye cream ? what are your opinions :) ?


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