29 July 2012

Avon Supershock Mascara

According Avon :
Available in Black only. Get yourself some extreme volume! Thickening base coat and volumizing mascara in one. Up to 12X more volume. .35 oz. net wt. All AVON mascaras are hypoallergenic and opthalmologist-tested

My thoughts:

It was the word Supershock that caught my attention when i was wondering if i should give this mascara a try ...so i bought it.
The first thing i noticed about this mascara was the wand !1- it wasn't blue as shown on the Avon's catalogue;) ,2- it was a bit bigger than the usual ones.

What i really like are the bristles of the wand they make the application easier , they separate the lashes and add more volume to them. You can quick notice the difference , the lashes become thicker and really black which make your eyes look bigger and brigher !

Honestly i was a bitttt disappointed i thought i would get ''Supershock long lashes'',but instead i got more pigmented and thicker lashes which isn't bad either!
It's one of the best Mascaras that Avon offers.So i recommend it for every girl who is looking for a mascara with a good quality .And last but not least you can wear it all day long without worrying about getting it smudged around your eyes .

I like it because :
*It's really black
*It doesn't get smudged
*It's Non-clumpy
*The lashes look thicker
* It's Suitable for contact lens wearers
*It's Waterproof
*It makes the eyes look brighter

I don't like it much because:
*The texture got a bit dryer after using it for a month
*It didn't really make my lashes look longer as i thought it would

More info:
Price: around 7$-10$

My rating:

Would you give this Mascara a try ? Or did you already use it ? Any opinions ?



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